Thursday, 15 December 2011

Longify your Fashion Freak

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
- Coco Chanel

And what better way of feeling classy and elegant, than in a long dress? ♥

I don't know if it's the fabric coming down to your feet or the feeling of it, but any long dress makes a person feel an immediate matureness with a hint of glamor. 
The dress in the picture may be plain and simple, but it enhances the femininity of the model. It's like taking a bunch of ordinary ingredients and creating something those ingredients alone couldn't accomplish. (For example : Flour, milk, sugar, eggs, etc. alone are quite ordinary. Together, it can create cake, pastries and what not. Yes, I just compared fashion to food. )

I seek out to all who's reading : wearing a long dress WILL make a statement.
May it be Boho, ethereal or sleek. You have to wear a long dress once in your life! (NO, not only at your wedding or Matric ball! ) PLEASE do this to yourself and go buy a dress longer than your calves - so basically down to your feet - and wear it with the utmost of pride.
Some advice :
When choosing a long dress, go for neutral or pastel colors. Even stripes or some print can be acceptable. But don't go crazy with color. Imagine choosing a BRIGHT green dress, your whole body will only look like a BRIGHT green mess. 
And who wants to hide their body away?
EMBRACE yourself :)

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