Monday, 5 December 2011

To vintage... Or not to Vintage?


Do you see yourself as someone who lives in the wrong era? Maybe, you see yourself as a long lost Icon, from the fifties or sixties?

This dress might just be for you :)
This is a perfect example of what "old-meets-new", looks like.
This is a keeper. From the way it fits to the waist, to the gorgeous back, this dress, is one to look out for.
What makes this dress so fun and comfortable, is the movement from the material and the cut from the dress.
Look at Pixi Lott for example : Her fun attitude emphasizes the beauty and carefree feature, that this dress wears. 

Pair it with any accessory (Just don't drown it!) and you'd be ready to "
rock around the clock" ♥

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