Thursday, 26 January 2012

Range # 2

Lily's Closet # 2

From a new range of clothing, I had the opportunity to shoot with three lovely ladies, and the results are in! My second range, co-ordinated post, is about simple + simple + a splash of colour = a thumbs up.
From the courtesy of Lily's Closet, Pretty and Simple can be two surely correcting adjectives for this (see below) outfit.

A pretty shirt/dress paired with a simple high waisted short, matched with a splash of a sophisticated coral blazer.
It most definitely works. It's, fun and quirky, with sophistication written all over it. 
Finished off with a floral printed, super sized bow,  some leather shoes and a braid, this look is one that shouldn't be missed. It's a diverse look that can be pulled of by nearly anyone.

And in all certainty, I'm sure you (Yes, I am talking with you, the reader) couldn't agree more. Or. If you couldn't agree at all, be sure to comment below on your way out.
I've said this in my previous post and I'll say it again : Get your bum down to Lily's Closet. This look, is only one of many beautiful looks and clothing available at Lily's Closet. As you can realize, I've grown quite fond of the store.. 
You won't regret visiting it! 

Model Courtesy: Carmen Crous

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