Saturday, 28 January 2012

Range #3

Jumpsuits, or playsuits, can be short or long around the legs. It can be covered in print like leopard or stripes. For Summer or Winter. Fall or Spring. Yet, of all the ones I've seen, a feeling of excitement is received. Playsuits usually describe as something daring, edgy and adventurous.
Opposite seems to occur in the pictures below.
 ..Why does it work?

The only origin I could think of, is the one's my mother, as well as me, used to wear a few years ago. But those were the types you used wear while working in the garden. Materialized in Jeans.. As I said before, fashion is like a never-ending cycle. New and reinvigorated, it has find its way back to our modern era :)

But back to the garment.
Take light pastel blue, and floral detail. It immediately transforms a playsuit into an adorable and doll-like, dainty look. Introducing the Moth playsuit from none other than Lily's Closet (there's still a few posts to come). I really like this playsuit on the model. It gives her a childlike sense and innocence. The bow and hairstyles completes this look giving it a fun feeling to it. Either waaaay.

I find it cute, sweet and perfect for a first date :) 


Model Courtesy: Brigitte van der Merwe


  1. I love your outfit, great blog :) do you also post to Chictopia? :)

    x X

  2. Looking so great!,...
    We love your short and the top!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!