Thursday, 5 January 2012

Summer Lovin'


Just the sound of that 'S' sends ripples of excitement down my spine.
Yes. The Summer season has finally decided to visit us again, and with a new season, comes a new fashion trend.

What will the main trend be this Summer?
  • Floral, minimalism or vintage?
  • Denims, chic or classy?
  • Is it time to blend, or to shine out?
  • Shorts or skirts? Tanks or Tees??
Honestly all I can say is this : be a TRENDsetter. No one has a firm decision of what's hot and what's not. Fashion trends follows to what is seen or heard on those who are different and seemingly fashionable. I'm not saying you have to TRY to stand out this Summer. 



People who TRY to be cool, hardly ever becomes "cool".
In other, more sense-making, words, wear what YOU like without other critique. And make it your own. <3

My father always tells me, that people love originals, not the posers or fakes. (The best example I can think of is Lady Gaga!) 

Be your own Fashion Icon and do what you want. Cause hey, it's Summer, and it's time to do new things.
Happy Holidays. xx


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