Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Trend Alert

High Waisted skirts just got a new definition : pleated, flowy and long.

Pleated skirts are next in line for a chance at the top of the trend shelves... <3

..In other words - pleated skirts are one to look out for.
What I love love LOVE about pleated skirts, is that it gives a person a new school style edged out with vintage aspects. When I see pleated skirt, I think : Like a full length dress, with a bit more edge and rugged feeling to it.  Though I couldn't see eight years old running around pleated skirts, I'd still give it a go.

It DEFINITELY compliments the body, leaving it looking slender(rer?) - yay, a plus! Even though it's intended for Winter or Autumn, a half lengthened pleated skirt could still rock these sunny and hot days.
So if you're a old school new school kind of person, and you want to try something new, go for this!

Good luck with the rest of these excruciatingly, blazing, Summer days
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