Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Vday to allll !
I hope you have a gorgeous day.

Forget diets, indulge in those guilty pleasures of yours.
Forget dullness, brighten up your day with a few flashing red roses.
... Forget boring clothes, go out wearing a bit more colour than usual.
Forget your everyday routine, do something different like baking cupcakes or write some poetry.

Be happy, be energetic.
Be the sexiest you, by rocking something red or soft pink, and enjoy your day.
Treat yourself and, most importantly, have fun.

Today is Valentine's Day. So enjoy it, with or without a certain someone special.

But be sure to stay Fashionable ♥

picture Courtesy : http://fashion-shining.blogspot.com/

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