Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lily's Closet

The last post of the Lily's Closet Range (sniff - tear). I took all three of my lovely models and did a collaborated shoot with them.
The dresses in the pictures, plus the skirt and top, are each available at Lily's Closet.
In some way or another, oblivious of the obvious pink color, the outfits fit together like a puzzle. I absolutely ADORE each individual piece!
To start of with : the floral skirt and loose fitted top compliment each other due to the plain detailed and the over detailed skirt. The pieces finish each other off in this way, making this outfit one to love.

The darkish pink dress is adorable. It makes me think of a preschool / private school / fashionably enhanced / pink encouraged girlie dress, to say the least.

And the lightly faded pink dress is very plain, but the shoulder pads are what makes it unique. It's stunningly plain features, successfully completes its goal to strike a gorgeous look. Hey, less is more.

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