Saturday, 3 March 2012

Football Jacket

American, Comfy, and a “want” since birth.

I'm talking about the Football Jacket.

So, I've alwaaaays seen it in Movies and American TV series. But I have NEVER seen it in the shops or at local markets, which sucks. This was until one of my friends talked about a football jacket that she bought. So I guess the American inspired Football Jacket has finally made its way to our South African stores.

The Football Jacket is a cute and fun jacket to complete your look. It looks good almost anywhere with, almost, anything - with shorts, with jeans, around the house, outside, at parties, etc. It's one of those clothing pieces, that you can wear anything with. Basically. It is really diverse (BONUS), almost like a hoodie. Plus it even shows some inspiring signs on he runway. 

You can dress it up, or dress it down. Just don't wear it to a formal event. You'd end up looking like a clown if you wore it with a maxi skirt, or evening dress. Eh, No. Not ever.
I really don't think I have to describe to you what Football Jacket is. If don't know what it is, you are probably living under a rock or something. This is something you have to wear once in your life. ATLEAST.
Trending or not, I love this <3
The WEB loves this..


 Football inspired Alexander Wang Runway Fashion...
 Plus MY own inspiration <3

 I bought this lovely jacket from Sportscene, Shorts from Jay Jays, and shades from Forever New. 
INLOVE with the jacket <3

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