Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Behind these fallen Leaves

Just to speed this up a bit, I’ve decided to collaborate two outfits. In other words, MORE PHOTOS! YAY.
Though for the next few days, exams have taken my soul, and tragically, yes, posting will be limited. I will try my best. The collection of Miss de Lange is nearly complete!
Firstly, we’ve got a look I’d like to describe as Wild One. When I saw this dress in Courage and Candy, I immediately formed an idealistic image in my head. And Voila! I got it right to perfection. She wore a skin tight green dress, with minimum black floral pattern amongst the shoulders. Black Army boots to match the detailed floral, and a dash of chaos, with brightly pink lips. Identifying this look with a song: “Girls, just wanna have fun…” This five letter clause takes an entire explanation of going ON and on about how it works, why it works, etc. in just a second. You can be the judge of it of course; this is only an opinion of mine!

Look number two: Misty in the dawns of Morning.
Eerie, light, spirited, FREE. Deep Blue jeans, a stunning striped cardigan, feather light pastel top, and wedged booties to die for. The morning light worked in absolute perfection. The contrasts between the natural background and the soft colours of the clothing worked stunningly. These elements are now combined with a model that walks tall, without a care in reality, posing with grace and purity. I introduce to you, Misty in the dawns of Morning.

NEWS FLASH. My favourite model, Ashley de Lange, recently participated in a Acting Competition ( Stad Kaapstad Toneel kompetisie) and became the proud owner of the second place. Intense and stressful, she managed through school and other teenage activities, with her piece, “Ophelia drowns in a tumbler with Ice”. I can guarantee it must’ve been a performance to see. The stage is her platform, the lights are her allies and the audience: her pets. She works wonders, when her feet reach the steps. I give a HUGE shout out of congratulations, who accomplished a success as notorious as this. Well done, Ashley <3

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  1. Love both looks! :)