Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lady in Waiting

No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy.

So I'm reaching my third post from this series. This part of the shoot, was one of my favorites in particular. Maybe it's the cute little dress, or even the pin-up girl poses, but it's adorable! From the entire collection of pictures in this shoot, this look is the climax of femininity. Seriously. From the material, light grayish hat, to the petite, impeccably tasteful dress. 

This was shot far at the end of our location, in de Zalze. The sun was shining, the rain has passed, and the breeze was light, making it a perfect Autumn day. I enjoyed this shooting in particular, apart from the fact that time was running out.

The dress department of Courage and Candy, located in Stellenbosch near that new frozen yogurt place, consists of a range of tasteful and pretty dresses, to wild and energetic dresses. I don't what it is about that shop that I like so much, either way, GO LIKE their Facebook PAGE! 

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Enjoy the pictures :) 


  1. so true!

    you look great!


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    i love this look.
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    you will be featured tday.
    hope you enjoY it