Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pink an' Pretty

The past two days were not the usual, long-weekend, lazy days for me, nor Miss Ashley de Lange.

Through these windy, cloudy past two days, we literally fought through the rain to catch the perfect few pictures. With the amazing stockist from Courage Candy, in Stellenbosch, we organized a semi-autumn shoot, this including my soon-to-be camera skills, and Ashley's naturally talented poses.

I introduce to you, the first of many posts, "Pink an' Pretty". Autumn 2012. Courage Candy. Ashley de Lange. This plain look. Invoking your inner child, in a fun and simple way. Yes, this may be a simple loose fitted top, and cute floral short.
Ever heard of the phrase "Back to Basics"?

Enjoy <3

1 comment:

  1. Love the outfit! Though it sucks you haven't been having the best weather. It's been pretty...yucky here, too. Glad you got the perfect shots! Hopefully our weather perks up to go along with our spring outfits!