Thursday, 7 June 2012


American Flag shorts.

For so long, I have searched for this plain and energetic short. As few may know, I am completely obsessed with America. A few posts back, I wrote about The Lot, a clothing store I found in Cape Town. Their clothes are amazing! To make it better, they received new stock, and the American Flag shorts were among them. 

Why, oh, why do I think it's probably the best shorts ever?
First of all, it's different. It's not the usual ripped jean shorts available at, well, EVERY clothing store. Secondly, it's out of the ordinary. I'm sure some won't even have the guts to wear it. AND lastly, it's uber edgy. Which I, of course, Adore. See for yourself <3

Yes. They have two kinds of shorts. What are you waiting for, Go get 'em!
Go to: for moreee 


  1. Woher hast du das letzte bild?:)

  2. Folgen Sie dem Link und du wirst es finden!

  3. love American Flag shorts!