Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dress it up!

So, do you have any upcoming dances, functions or parties?
Are you perhaps looking for a new dress for future occasions?
Are you willing to pay for quality, style and class, all wrapped up in one dress?

Eva Boutique is the place for you <3

Eva Boutique, conveniently across Courage and Candy, has been kind enough to lend me a few dresses for yet another shoot, with infamous, soon-to-be model, Xanthe Viljoen. We couldn't have asked for worse weather than the weather we shot in. The entire week was sunny, and on the day we shot, it started to rain. I asked Xanthe, because well, she has a natural photogenic beauty, along with Samantha Hall, a photographer with mad skills. We shot through incredibly cold rain and wind, it became exhausting.

The first dress is a plain blue dress with an amazing decorated bead back. 

Less is more? ..Back to basics? 
This little dress basically states the above phrases. (Or clauses, I do not want to get in trouble with our lovely English teacher...) Its simplicity is what makes it so unique. Sometimes, a dress with too much frills and threads and whatnot, tend to have the opposite effect than it's supposed to. You can make a statement with plain and simple as well. Plus, with its gorgeous back, it gains a bit of a chaotic emphasis towards the plain front. 

With this sort of dress, you can go wild with accessories! Choose a colour palette, like a variety of gold that can complement the deep blue colour of the dress, or a touch of silver that's repeated in the beading. Pair it with some simple heels, and voila! You've got a look :)

Oh and since it's Winter, just add a sick jacket that matches the heels, or even some stockings, and you've turned it into a Winter outfit!

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  1. Lovely dress! :)