Monday, 24 September 2012

Back to the old days

Tees and Shorts. Simple. Fun. Plain.

And Pretty.

Courage and Candy, located across from Wakaberry, stocked up on a variety of new and different garments. If you’re looking for garments with an edgy vibe, Courage and Candy would certainly not disappoint.

A faded red-purple leopard short, and a simple loose top with a printed cross, as an everyday, simple look. Yeah, it’s pretty plain, but pretty fun too. The shorts are different than the usual blue jean shorts we’re all used too. It repeats leopard print, yet in a classy and stylish way. The geometric shirt is just as plain, but the two components together work well with one another.

The awesome owner of Courage and Candy, decided to be even cooler by announcing the following:

So Courage and Candy decided to give any person the chance to win a R500 voucher, for Courage and Candy clothing of course. Hell yeah? All you have to do is like their page on Facebook (the link is below) and write on their wall saying you’re from Forever Fashion, and wait. Easy! They’ve stocked up on incredible garments. It would be worthy of a Facebook like, and a visit of course.

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