Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lily's Closet

 Lily's Closet

A little store most likely described as feminine, local, and stylish.
A little store with a tranquil atmosphere, and elegant, colour coded garments. 
A little store, managed by two eloquent women, which is not to be missed. 

As I shot the photos for Courage and Candy, I did the same for Lily’s Closet. Lily’s Closet, located in Eikestad Mall, is quite a dainty shop. Open from 9 to 6, Lily’s Closet is filled with a variety of different types of garments as the store sells lines from different South African designers; From lace and chiffon tops, long and short skirts, cute floral shorts, to beautiful evening dresses, interesting blazers and a variety of vintage looking accessories.

They also stock up on a range of different leather shoes, for men as well as women. What makes them different is that the shoes are handmade by a guy who comes from the Congo. But that’s not it. In the shop there’s a row of each shoe design. You can choose a shoe you like, measure your feet in the shop, and all your details and things will be sent to the man, who will then make the shoes. Plus you can change the designs leather colour as you like! You’d be the only one to have a pair. So, why not?

The first look, completely out of Lily’s Closet clothing, lingers between a semi-formal and casual look. The blue geometrical top is way more casual than the leopard print blazer, but they go together well with the skirt. I like this look. It’s calm, serene yet fun, and hip. The bow, part of Dinx Designs, breaks the colour palette of blues and greys, as it’s a pop of bright and contrasting colours, and it’s just plain adorable. The shoes look quite vintage, and oh so lovely. It’s yet another pair of shoes that may work for each and every season!
During the time of taking these images, our daytime was running out, so here are a few pictures.


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