Monday, 24 September 2012

Old School

As a boutique, Lily’s Closet, located in Eikestad Mall, supply several different garments, fitted for any event, which is why I chose this old-school beauty. A deep blue schoolgirl skirt, plain white printed tee, stunning leather shoes and a golden necklace, all wrapped together.

During winter, the whole schoolgirl skirt trend repeated in its plaits as well in outfits. A skirt similar to the normal usual heavy skirt can be worn in a similar way this spring. Since we’re at the season before summer, a lighter material skirt would look better, so that it doesn’t, for obvious reasons, look as heavy as a skirt with this trend, normally would. We’re done with winter; we don’t need reminders of the icy cold season!

I’ve posted about the uniqueness of this store’s shoes, and I might as well say it again. Lily’s Closet stock up on a range of different leather shoes, for men as well as women. What makes them different is that the shoes are handmade by a man who comes from the Congo. But that’s not it. In the shop there’s a row of each shoe design as a sample. You can choose a shoe you like, measure your feet in the shop, and all your details and things will be sent to the man, who will then make the shoes. Plus you can change the designs leather colour as you like! You’d be the only one to have a pair. So, why not?

The shop provides several different shirts, tops, tees, whatever you want to call them. Each single garment is different, and hung in a colour coded formation. Quite adorable if you ask me!

If you haven’t been to Lily’s Closet you’re keeping yourself away from something different, and I mean that in a good way!  

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  1. OMG I looove your print tee! Haha, surprise :) But I do adore the way you've styled it as well, could easily wear that :) too bad Lily's Closet is not within my reach...