Sunday, 9 September 2012

Triangles Anyone?

Tribal and floral print flourished and peppered our outfits since the beginning of the year. Lately, geometric print seemed to be trendier in the past few months, or more particularly, triangular shapes and motifs.

Sass Diva, the jewellery store we all know and love, introduced a new range quite recently. The range consists of triangular inspired jewellery. From rings to necklaces, and earrings to bangles, the repetition of triangles and creativeness is unstoppable.

Another trendy little hype is the geometric prints seen on skirts. It’s colourful and fun; it even made me think of the Goldfish album cover. I think it is a good garment to add to your wardrobe. It’s different from the usual neutral toned skirts. A colourful geometric skirt will make an impression. Add a neutral top, and either a blazer that matches one colour in your skirt, or a neutral toned blazer, that is lighter or darker than the top. 

Loose fitted, semi crop tops with printed geometric prints look just as great, plus it includes a really exuberant indie vibe. It may be a good addition, plus you can never have too many casual tops.

It’s an interesting trend. This print leaves a strong and carefree contribution to any outfit. Tried and tested, it’s definitely true!

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