Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bang Bang

This outfit made me think of the legendary song, Bang Bang, by 60’s Nancy Sinatra. If you've seen Killbill you may be familiar with the song. There’s even a few remixes of it. It’s that cool.

Anyway, back to the outfit.

Black tights and a printed sleeveless chiffon top from Courage and Candy, black heels from San Marina, golden ear accessories from Sass Diva and a sparkly golden sequins clutch from Forever New. I had so much fun shooting this outfit, even if we had limited time! We shot these pictures in the middle of a street, and every time a car passed we got the strangest looks from the drivers.

Let’s start from the top. The golden ear jewelry is a must have. Sass Diva brought introduced ‘fake high piercing’ earring accessories a while back. These accessories come in a wide variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. As someone who’s afraid of getting an extra piercing, I think these items are genius!  They go incredibly well with this outfit, contributing to the whole rugged look.

The sleeveless chiffon top looks way different on a hanger than on a person. I wouldn't even have chosen this if it wasn't for Courage and Candy’s owner! This made me think of the outfits on (visit it now if have never heard of it before, and while you’re there, drop by my profile and say hiii, which are quite unique.  I mostly like the print, only an extra contribution to the look’s edginess.

The tights are different than normal ones, because of the material-use. It’s much more comfortable than the usual tights. The use of the material gives the tights a sheer glow, faintly. Visually, it makes the legs look smaller, a definite pro! I finished this look off with a cute golden clutch and my very own shiny black heels.

Ta Da <3

AND here's the not-so-ancient Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra 


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  2. i always loved this song! *