Sunday, 7 October 2012

'Dye'-ing to be different?

As the vacation ends, another term begins. This only means that the December vacation is getting closer and closer!

And December means summer: The sweet and succulent summer that we all yearn for.

December is the time to celebrate; it’s a time to do something new. For all we know, this may even be the end of the world! Learn to surf, get that shimmering tan, and make an appointment at the hairdresser – there’s a new trend in town.

Dip Dye.

Since the summer vacation is the longest one we have, it’s the perfect time to try this trend. It’s so vibrant and edgy, and sort of creative. As a person who's afraid of dying hair, I would even dip dye my hair for a holiday or so. You can go way out with a colour far from your natural hair colour like purple, green or pink!

...or you can go under the radar with a gradient lighter or darker than your current hair colour.
Be bold, and be daring. 
Be different.

Here's a little song I really enjoy by Rita Ora ft Tinie Tempah, R.I.P. Rita Ora has an amazing style, so looking at her for a little advice wouldn't hurt. 


  1. love it so much, but I think it would look much better in the summer, especially the pink hair:)
    xx Kate

  2. It's pretty awesome :) In South Africa, our summer is during December, perfect timing hey :D xx

  3. I did this during our (U.S.) summer (not sure if you saw my red hair on the cruise)! I've cut my hair now, but I'm still a big fan of dip dye :)


  4. I got this naturally because I stopped dying my hair haha :)