Sunday, 4 November 2012

Teabag Dress

I promised my sister I’ll upload these images, and I probably should’ve uploaded this a month ago.

So here we go!

Our school hosted an eco-fashion show. The theme was classy, the management was great, and the name says it all. Of course I had to take part. We had to design and make clothing completely instructed out of eco-friendly materials. Basically materials that is reusable and recycled. Then we could walk in our designs, or we could get models to walk in them, and we had to answer questions based on eco and recycling.

I decided to make a dress that included tea bags as its main feature.

So this is what I did: The dress idea didn’t work out so I made a skirt and a bustier like top. My primary idea for the skirt didn't work, because well, tea bags break quite quickly. I took some of my mother’s old material and I sewed the tea bags onto the material. The tea bags change from white to dark brown, top to bottom.  The bustier was tricky. I made 5 corsets and each failed. So I took an old bra and pasted paper machée on the entire bra. Afterward, I covered the front with stickers that look like pearls.

I walked in this dress during the semi-fashion show that took place during the event. The part that I dreaded the most is when the judges asked us a few questions about living Eco-friendly and the environment.

In the end the evening was successful, the designs were brilliant, and it’s definitely something I would never forget <3 


  1. This is such a fun idea! I love these photos!!!

  2. Wowww the Teabag skirt is ahh-mazing I would totally buy that:) Love it!!

    xo, Sasha