Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What She Wears

Feminine, fun and diverse; the three words I chose to describe Carmen Crous. She is a girl that loves to do something more in terms of style. Earthy tones and neutrals, high snit shorts and buttoned shirts – this girl has a pretty amazing sense for fashion. She never tries to keep to one prominent type of style.

Some things you’d like to know about Carmen…

The shops that she adores the most are Lilly’s Closet, Metropolis, The Lot and Old Khaki. These shops are definitely first on her list when venturing on a shopping trip. She describes her style as something stretching from a softer, sweeter side to an edgier opposite. If she could star in a TV-series, it would be 90210 or Gossip Girl. And who’d disagree? Another choice would be to star opposite Stephen Amel in Arrow.  She had a hard time choosing her favourite song as there are too many. To narrow it down; she decided to go with White Doves from Young Empires. “It’s something I could listen to, over and over!”

Unfortunately, I only took shots of three outfits as it was for my school’s newspaper, but I have added a few pictures from Facebook so that the feeling of her atmosphere could come through a bit more clearly.

Pastels in Summertime

Young, wild and free

Hello Facebook. 

Gold Dust


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