Friday, 22 February 2013

JC Litas

A few weeks ago, I see these heels for the first time on Lookbook. On first impression, it made me think of stilettos on steroids.

The shoe's name “Lita” is inspired by Lita Ford, lead guitarist from the 70’s American rock band The Runaways. The daring heel can be a little too daring for some. What attracted me to this shoe is that even though it looks as if one may be walking on stilts, Jeffrey Campbell Litas are something to die for. It’s so unique, and different from the usual high heeled fa├žade. It’s meant for winter as well as summer, plus it’s a shoe that’s known for the various colours and patterned materials it comes in (I’m talking red, blue, mint, lace, leather, universe, glitter, spikes, flags – the works.)

These fashionably intact heels are something to certainly look out for. Scouring the outfits on, where fashion enthusiasts take the time to colour the internet with their outfits, I’ve come to notice of these super trendy heels. Contrary to popular belief, Litas are actually comfortable. Yes, comfortable heels, weird right?

A Lita is a statement item. It’s one of those items that cannot slip through your fingers.  If you’re feeling wild, daring and ready for an item like this, then go for it. And if you happen to own a pair, take a picture of it and pah-lease! email it to me, at


  1. Gorgeous Litas indeed! I've been thinking if I should get one but yeah somewhat I already know the answer ... I should. LOL.

    By the way ... been following you already. Hope you've followed back. :)

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  2. You make me remind of the years of metal rock and oh yes Lita Ford is one of the best singers of rock bands during her time and these shoes does really makes a difference. Also visit my site if you love to know more about the latest fashion in Golf Apparel.