Monday, 25 March 2013

Docs and Denim

Written by Erica Jane Basson

Hey look! Part 2 and 3 on perfecting grunge in one!

So let’s talk about this: The Vintage Denim Jacket and Doctor Marten Boots. A power couple in the world of underground fashion.

The Vintage Denim Jacket is definitely one of my favorite things around. The great thing about them is they’re sturdy, they won’t only last a few months, and they’re like your favorite, trusty pair of jeans. They come in so many different shapes and types of denim. These beauties are available bleached, dipped, patched or even studded up!  Denim Jackets can easily be personalized and can make for a great DIY project. Buy an old jacket at a thrift store, take it home and add your own badges and patches. Go the extra mile and buy yourself a stud gun to be extra edgy. They can be worn in so many different ways. Be indie, be hippie, be grungy, be metal or be girly. Remember that fashion has no rules. This jacket really does go with almost every personality and every style. Just like a parka it can be paired up with so many things, so I won’t even get started with that. Point is, this is a must have item!

Doctor Marten Combat Boots. Or Doc Martens. Or just Docs. I’m a big fan of investing in high-quality, versatile items that will last you several years. So after eyeballing these beauts on Tumblr for several months I decided to scrape my money together and go buy a pair. I haven’t regretted it since. If you scroll through Lookbook you’ll see these shoes everywhere. It’s worn with shorts and skirts and dresses and jeans and leggings, and it’s perfect for both summer and winter. It’s perfect for both boys and girls. It comes in SO many colours and patterns, one could say it’s basically unlimited. Discover your own pair of docs in brights, pastels, galaxy, florals, anything - but the classic black Docs are still the ones that sells the best. To me, style is all about the extras, the little unexpected things people add to outfits to make them unique and stylish and well, you! This is exactly what Docs did for me. I do realize that these boots are not for everyone’s taste, but that is good. It’s very important to have your own staple on style.


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  2. My two favourite wardrobe items :)

  3. Love this post! I am kinda obsessed with docs and denim at the moment!!! :) I really like your blog! Check mine out too if you get a chance and let me know what you think :)

  4. The studded jacket is great and I love the idea of mirrored sunglasses!

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