Friday, 15 March 2013

Grunge it Up

by Erica Jane Basson

Hi, my name is Erica. and this is my first post- yay!

I have decided that since it’s autumn and winter stock has already hit most stores that I will enlighten you with one of my favourite styles. 90’s Grunge.

There are three main style items that I want to cover, so think of this as a three part series to your style education. On the agenda: Parkas, Retro Denim Jackets and Doctor Marten Boots. All a must have when it comes to perfecting the art of grunge. Today however, we’ll just cover the basics.

Grunge is a subgenre that emerged in the Seattle area in the 1980’s. Inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal, and indie rock, grunge is generally characterized by heavily distorted electric guitars, contrasting song dynamics, and apathetic or angst-filled lyrics. The success of grunge is mostly due to Pearl Jam’s Ten and Nirvana’s Never mind.  

So you like the rocker style? You listen to old music, modern rock and roll, and love doing things that are against the social norm? Then this style is definitely for you. Grunge means not wanting to be popular or to be considered a pop icon. You basically drift under popular and as I like to call it, fake society. Music is one of the most important elements of this style, so make sure you go check out old school grunge artists like Sonic YouthSoundgarden and Nirvana, actually anything that stirs up some rebellion.

 Grunge kids love their black skinnies paired with a cool band t-shirt. Baggy jeans, ripped shorts and high waists are also perfect. And it goes without saying, that Converse and Creepers are also a great idea. Dark colours are the best to wear, but also colours like maroon, reds and turquoises are popular. Vertical stripes are great for shirts and tights. And don’t forget about leather jackets. Jewelry is essential to the look of grunge, so stud it up! Make up can be all out like grunge queen Taylor Momsen’s or be kept very simple. When it comes to hair; wear a beanie, keep it messy and dyeing it an unconventional colour is even better!

The major thing about being able to pull of the grunge look is the attitude. Grunge kids are known for their rebellious personalities. But be yourself. The grunge look is inspired by music and rebellion. But if you're not rebellious, don't try to be. Be yourself. Remember, grunge people believed in just not doing what everyone else was doing. You should be independent and not give a crap about what people want or think of you. Being yourself is key to any kind of look.

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