Sunday, 24 March 2013

Macho Military

Camo, cargo, combats and gold – who said military, was just for the army? 

Ladies, and gents of course, the military trend is back. And it acts as a main trend for 2013. This type of collaborated style has been around for a pretty long time. But for this year, designers have incorporated this trend into their collections more seriously. This includes designers such as Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Balenciaga and Jean Paul Gaultier. And whatever walks on the runway influences the clothing rails. I've spotted the presence of the military trend in a few shops like Mr Price, Zara and Factorie. This style is also seen in shops like Forever New and Jay Jays, but it’s much more subtle.

Now. What is this trend that I keep on babbling about?

For starters, the colour palette is similar to sombre and earthy tones. The main colours to take into recognition are navy, olive green, black, khaki and grey. Maroons and mustard yellows or pale oranges could work as well. This style includes leather to finish it off with. Metallic colours can be used to add splashes of excitement to intrigue the eye.

As any other trend, a head-to-toe military outfit will create a disaster. Use key garments only, to incorporate this sturdy tendency. When I think about military or army as a trend, I often relate it to grunge. Both trends include the combat boots and the dark, sombre colours. I associate this trend with winter and autumn more than summer. Probably due to the fact that boots and coats are prominent in this style.

Key items to look out for include a vast variety. For starters, camouflage immediately creates the feeling of an army environment. Again, do not drown your outfit in this print. A cargo pant is strongly based on the military trend (Probably due to the amount of pockets). These pants can be baggy as well as fitted. Loose fitted tops, parkas and combat boots cover the basics. Field, bomber and ponti jackets, a classic coat and skinnies are included in this range of choices to incorporate an army style. Bold buttons and several pockets add emphasis. Just remember to accessorize to keep your outfit from turning into a uniform.
It’s all about creating a look that you feel comfortable in. And if you so happily decide to add something macho and army-like, why not? 

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