Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stripes and triangles

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and especially, all the cool kids in desperate need of some cool fashion, I present to you yet another outfit from The Lot.

I’m in love with this. Not kidding at all.

The striped leggings, the black army boots, the old school denim jacket, the tribal print, the backpack, the plain-but-still-insane tee, the super trendy glasses – every garment and accessory just fits together. This outfit is one that I would describe as adventurous, defiant and definitely bold. This is not your average person’s style, so it may be a bit too out there for some.

I’m still taken by this look. It’s as if I died and went to fashion heaven.

A heaven where The Lot dresses every kid in its trendy clothing. Major.

And my second set from polyvore, inspired by this outfit from The Lot!
I have a really cool announcement to make! Okay so most of you may already know this, so it’s not exactly new. TOPSHOP opens in Cape Town in April! How cool? It will open in the V&A Waterfront in, as I already mentioned, April, so this leaves less than a month to save up your money. So better get saving. Like now. Yes. Now. This is not a shop that you would want to pass by without notice. 

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