Sunday, 21 April 2013


TOPSHOP – the description is all in the name itself. Hailing from Britain, South Africa’s third TOPSHOP branch recently opened its big glossy doors to the public in V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Of course, as any fashion enthusiast, I was ecstatic! A clothing store, well known across the globe, selling labels and collections from the likes of Supermodel Kate Moss, finally opened in a city near me. I had to be one of the first to see the inside with my very own eyes, and camera lens. So, I attended the media event on the evening of the 17th of April.

Anxious, yet excited, I walked up to the brand new store on this Wednesday evening. The store gleamed with its brand new quality. I arrived half an hour early – partly because the traffic wasn’t so bad, and partly because I couldn’t contain myself. Outside of the shop, a mobile bar with a few bartenders stood to serve to your need. As time flew by and struck 7, more and more glitzy and glamorous individuals started to fill in front of the doors.

Doors opened. Name checked. Sticker handed. I entered, my camera and I, I was overwhelmed with rich colours, fresh fashion, and a handful of people with the same interest at heart. There are several sections throughout the store that capture the essence of clear European Street Style. As I was struggling to get past the stiletto wearing beings, I was amazed and in awe by the clean d├ęcor and atmosphere. A DJ booth blasted some urban music, caterers invited you to indulge in finger bites, a manicure table delighted your fingers and to top it all off, a 20% discount was available throughout the evening. I struggled to contain myself, so I photographed what I wanted others to see.

Truly an event to remember.

But more about the store itself - TOPSHOP sells anything from sleepwear, shoes and daywear to make up, men’s wear (TOPMAN) and accessories. The brand introduced a truly unique concept to the South African gang – Personal Shopping Service. Yes, if you can’t decide on what to choose, or you just want someone else’s opinion, in this case a professional, just ask for a personal shopper. It’s free of charge! The funniest thing I saw, was the fans – a competition for the first few customers ran across the city. Several young TOPSHOP lovers sat outside the store, through the entire night, to be one of the first of the public to enter the store, with the hopes of winning a cool cash prize. Dedication definitely pays off!

Words could not truly explain my time, but hey, a picture consists of a thousand words. 



  1. always love TOPSHOP as a best high street fashion :)

  2. I love TOPSHOP especially the Oxford Street store in London. You must visit it someday :)

    Bec Boop