Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Biker boots

Winter is finally here in the southern hemisphere. And of course, a new season means new fashion trends, new fashion flaws and a whole new wardrobe of ideas.

Boots. Yeah there's a whole bunch of different styles to choose from; a variety of lengths, of materials, of colours and of heel length. Some boots can even be identified by its toe box solely (the front part where your toes rest, yes, there).

About a month ago I couldn't decide which boot is trendier; the ankle boot with or without a slight heel, or the straight up studded biker-like boot. Well. How about both?

Firstly, the ankle boot - I'm talking about the ankle boot that doesn't look like a stripper's heel. And no description is needed - a bootie that ends at the ankle (Duh). This ankle boot may have a slight heel, or no heel at all. It can zip up or slip in, usually. It's a simple boot, and easy to wear. No fuss or endless amount of crazy loopified laces to get frustrated with; it’s a comfortable boot to wear with anything.


Zara recently stocked up on these babies, as well as Mr Price. Shops like Topshop, Forever New, Rage and Luella even have this style of boot as part of their merchandise.  A trendy tip for winter is to look out for ankle boots with not-so-shiny studs to get a hard core vibe. I love to pair these with skin fitting skinnies, or with a skirt and leggings.


Then we have the biker-like studded boots – the only way I could describe it. It raises to the calf, and slips in like most boots. These boots are definitely not flat, so they may have a slight heel, emphasis on the slight.

I think that the best way to describe it, is to call it a mini version of an equestrian boot, except with a rounded toe box and an edgier appearance. I love wearing this type of boot, as it is comfortable, practical, and just as easy to slip on as slippers. Plus, it kind of looks great. As a fashion item, it accessorizes as an accessory does - it finishes an outfit. It’s a good item to dress an outfit up or down with, though I feel as if this boot goes much better with pants than it does with a dress.   

I bought mine at Woolworths. But it’s available at several other stores, such as Zara, Mr Price, etc.

PS Of course you get different types of ankle boots or bike boots, but these are just the one I tried describing and writing about. And I've finally finished with exams, so my blog's got my full attention. WOOH!

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