Friday, 2 August 2013

The importance of Blogging

What does a Fashion PR do? From what I accumulated until this far, a PR or Public Relations officer dazzles the company’s front door step. First of all, there is absolutely nothing dazzling about the word “officer”. To be honest, “officer” and “fashion” are two words that should not be in the same sentence: an oxymoron or antithesis of some sort. Then again, if it’d be “Officer Marc Jacobs”, well then I withdraw my controversial argument completely. And second of all, I do not have a second point to support with an argument. 

As I research information for my utterly boring school project, I receive a severe case of déja vu; I used to be used evenings like this, where I’d write a post or two for my blog.

Blogging – nowadays everyone is a blogger. It’s just a few clicks away anyway. Type in a name here, enter an email there, wait for your internet connection to do its part everywhere; it is as easy as that. Then, it’s the much anticipated ‘first post’. Oh the choices are endless. Will it be a debate on the controversial cat nail trend, or will it be a post on the topic “heels or Flats?” And the pictures - Where will I get stunning photographs in such short notice? Oh yes, Google.

What most up and coming potentials don’t know, is that blogging is more than just a few sentences filled with words like ‘fab’, amazing’ and ‘trendy’. I am guilty of these claims. In the past two months of non-active blogging, I realized my blogging was becoming an unconscious liability. Blogging is not just about the pictures of fashionable clothing, edited to perfection. Neither is it about a hastily typed kind-of-but-not-really articles - if you can call it that.

Blogging is so much more. 

As I lay on my bed, listening to Avicii’s Wake me up, a song I have been searching for far too long, this is what I had just realized. It’s a process in which one learns to manage and create a space that’s true to who you are. It’s a network where one can build a new face, and not be afraid of any kinds of critique. It’s something that recently slipped my mind, like a bar of soap that lay in hot bath water far too long. Blogging, and owning a blog, should be the unconditional desire to write and post and enjoy. 

In the meanwhile, here are a few trends to look out for; channeling elegance.

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