Sunday, 3 November 2013


As seasons come and go, the tendency of certain colour palettes change amongst fashion enthusiasts and fanatics. We've seen the likes of earthly tones, pops of neon and pastel colours starring in the outfits of the stylish and up-to-date. 

Varying from shades from sea-white to plain white, to white with added tints; varying from silver-black, pitch black or even a slight edge of grey - the colour palette to indulge in is known as monochromatic (Or to be clear - black and white). Contrasting colours - some do not consider these as colours - always catch the corner of an eye. Black and white has been known as equal opposites for years. Some believe it symbolises certain ideals for example that black conveys the feeling of darkness, mystery and terror, while white conveys the feeling of new beginnings, lightness and goodness. Whatever their meanings, black and white seem to be soul mates - even if the colours are complete opposites. 

With any outfit, dashes of colour are acceptable. Monochromatic doesn't mean you have to dress up like a mime. It is a tendency to have fun with, like all things in fashion. Miley cyrus is a good example for this colour palette. Her change in music and character indicated a change in fashion as well. She plays around with black and white, and creates a few noteworthy looks. Not to mention Rita Ora or Vanessa Hudgens. 

So if you're feeling blocked today, and the fashion-bug hasn't bitten you with a dose of inspiration, attempt a monochromatic-inspired outfit. Black is an ever-lasting colour of elegance and white is always a good idea.