Friday, 31 January 2014

May day

Summer enters its perilous peak. It scorches the upper skin cells of our bodies. It shoots blazing rays causing a short-term effect of blindness to which numbers of black-rimmed glasses appear in an instant. It exhausts the sack humans carry around, leaving a humiliating trail of perspiration at the hollow depth of the t-shirts back. 
It is the peak of Summer here, in the southern hemisphere – rhyme intended. Bare skin, barely there crops and shades slowly fill the streets. Objects seem brighter as the sun magnifies the colour spectrum. The leaves seem bigger, brighter and bolder, and so does the future for fashion.

Military – a theme previously used for parties, occasions and mainly, runways. Okay, cool. So you’ve seen it in action – be it the cinema’s latest action blockbuster – yet, not how one incorporates such a theme into the items currently residing somewhere under ones bed or closet. Runways have had several collections inspired by this theme in the past few years, but let’s face it. Not all human beings are tall enough, skinny enough or wealthy enough to afford such long-distance pieces.

The basics are simple – a good pair of combat boots, a shade of navy or camo and a parka to tie the thing together. These were the factors shot beside one of the very ponds in my surrounding area. A simple high waisted short is paired with a summery tribal crop. Throw in some Ray Bans, a green parka and dusty worn out boots, and presto! A comfortable and edgy, as I’d like to describe, outfit is created. The goal of the parka is merely for accessory, during daytime. As many lovely fashion-conscience stars do nowadays, one can easily tie the parka around the waist. It creates a cool, laid-back look – one that Miss Kylie Jenner seems to rock these days. The parka can be replaced with a plain button down shirt.

Roger that?

Model - Kayla Louw @ Ice model management

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