Sunday, 2 February 2014

Comfort stays key

The heat seems to rise on a daily basis. It influences our levels of maximum patience, of perspiration, and the ability to focus. Luckily, clothing does not have to be one of the attributing factors. Before Gabrielle Chanel, clothing was designed to be highly uncomfortable – think layers and textures and layers – again – of heavy fabric. Not to mention too-tight corsets on the verge of exploding. Gigantic gowns, perfected with frivolous lace. Breathing would've been our main goal for the day. Not fainting, for once, would be an aspiration for each day.

Fashion evolves. So did the comfort-ability of fashion choices. The very first of outfit, of a following series, is an easy and laid-back outfit to begin with. The simple blend of a top and short creates the fact that it’s adoringly laid-back. A loose-fitted top, a short on the verge of ratchet, and pair of cool and comfortable ankle boots – this is ideal for almost anything fun and summery.

Top – Courage & Candy / Shorts – Courage & Candy / Boots – model’s own
Model - Cara Weyers @ Dmanagement

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