Monday, 10 March 2014

Trendy Trainers

Gone are the days for sky-high stilettos and killer blister. Gone are the days that models are required to walk gawkily the runway in stilettos that may just be as tall as the model self.

Comfort finally announces its entrance on the famous runways of the fashion capitals – in the form of a sassy shoe.


Yes, designers have finally seen the painless light; trainers are à la mode. Dans le vent. En vogue. In fashion. As Karl sent his band of merry models down the runway in couture trainers, the trend was set. Several houses of fashion followed at his example for comfier yet equally stylish footwear; from Givenchy and Céline, to Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. At the latest runway shows, these past few fashion weeks, the trainer-trend has been dominated by several fashionably interested individuals, front row monarchs and trendsetting celebs. It has taken the world by storm.

Don’t get me wrong. A pair of viciously black stilettos will always empower its seductive charm. It evokes the image of a young girl, midst the end of her youth and entering the big world.

Well, that’s the stereotype created by media in our heads.  For once trainers have become a recognizable fashion must-have in the eyes of several - and I find this news absolutely great.

From example, these pairs of active embodiments can be sported with about any and everything. I bet they’ll be worn at some great formal event sometime, are they already have. Pair it with a skort, a pleather jacket, shorts, tights, skirts, dresses, etc. It truly adds a street edge and a laidback essence to your aura and outfit.

And the biggest plus? Well, it’s comfy. And as always, comfort is key. On that note, one could also argue that pain is beauty.  Yet I honestly think an era of “less constricted fashion” in terms of following-the-trends-off-the-runway is upon us.

My lately chosen new year’s resolution? Gain a pair of fashionable trainers. It would be a great addition to any and all closets!

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