Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Boots & Buckles

Shy away from uggs and combats and put your best foot forward with a low-heeled - sometimes medium-heeled - boot in a simple shape with a touch of gold or silver, usually in the form of a buckle or zip. These boots work for daytime and a night out. If you’re the type to experiment, opt for a pair with a glossy finish. For those of you who are feeling a little bit adventurous, they come in cut-outs too. 

Stars like Kylie Jenner have been seen sporting this ultra-trendy boot. Yes, they may somehow defeat the purpose but it’s not like you actually wear boots to keep you warm right? It’s also a major summer trend, so be sure to stock ‘em up at your nearest RageZara or Topshop. Do it for the style points you’ll be scoring.  

Imagery Source: wehearit.com, spree.co.za, zara.com, topshop.com, fashionbombdaily.com

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