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Oh.My.Word (G-M)

As promised, we’ve brought the 2nd part, in the four-part miniseries of posts titled Oh.My.Word. This week we’ve gone and dug deeper and brought you more buzzwords and fashion terms you need to know as an active member in the fashion society. So kids, here’s another lesson in Fashionography from G-M. Buckle up sweeties.

  • Gaucho - Wide legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf and worn with boots. They’re worn from the waist to the ankles sometimes.
  • Ghagra - A traditional Indian skirt that usually has a lot of triangular shaped panels to give it an extra flare.
  • Gladiators - Open-toed T-bar sandals with a lot of straps running across the foot in a way designed to look like the footwear the ancient Roman gladiators wore. They can be high-heeled or flat. The straps can go all way up to just below the knee as opposed to just going up to the ankle bone like gladiator sandals.
  • Gliterati - This is the popular crowd. These are the beautiful, dirty and rich.
  • Grunge - This is a style of dressing. It is characterised by plaid flannel, beanies combat boots, a lot of coffee and big sunglasses. It’s the messy I-don’t-care style of dressing made famous by the Olsen twins.
  • Halter - This is a dress, top or shirt that has material that fastens/meets behind the neck. You find this style in a variety of ways, thick straps, thin straps that tie to draped fabric that crosses at the collarbone and meets behind the neck.
  • Handkerchief Hem - A dress or skirt where the hem falls in a way that looks like a scarf.
  • Haute Couture - A word used to refer to High Fashion. A French term, meaning exclusive, custom-fitted high fashion clothing as produced in Paris, and imitated in other fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Milan – made for individual customers from high quality and expensive fabrics. Side note: All things expensive and hideous aren’t ‘haute couture’.
  • Hero item - This is the one item that takes our whole outfit from zero to hero.
  • Hidden Platform - A shoe sole similar to a standard platform. The difference is that the upper portion is attached in a fashion that the thickening of the sole is not apparent when viewed from the side.
  • High Neck - Almost a turtle neck but not quite, it’s not folded like a turtle neck but it also goes all the way up to the neck. This style is a cross between an Asian collar and a turtle neck.
  • Hipsters - These pants are very low-cut pants with a waist that is below or on the hip. A look that once took over the world, and now the ‘cool kids’ who believe in medical marijuana and world peace wear them. So 80’s.
  • Hobnailed boots - Boots with hobnails (nails inserted into the soles of the boots), usually installed in a regular pattern, over the sole. The nail is used to protect the soles of the boots.
  • Item du jour - French for 'item of the day'.
  • Jewel Neck - A high round neckline resting simply at the base of the neck, no collar.
  • Jelly shoe - A sandal or pump made from brightly coloured or translucent moulded plastic that looks like jelly (not that spread that Americans call jelly). 
  • Jumpsuit - This is a garment that incorporates trousers and a sleeved or sleeveless top in one piece. The bottom can either be shorts or full-on trousers. The top part has a variety of styles ranging from halters to high necks. Make sure you do all your bathroom breaks before wearing this baby.
  • Kangaroo Pocket - A pocket formed by sewing a piece of the cloth over the garment leaving two open ends.
  • Keyhole Neck - A tear shaped or round cut-out that fastens at the front or back neckline.
  • Kimono - A long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash.
  • Kitsch - A style of dressing that is supposed to combine a lot of elements from pop culture but seems to succeed in doing anything but that. A lot of colour and prints all combined in a sufficiently tacky way.
  • Kitten Heel - Kitten heels are a short slender but narrow heel. We do not know where the kitten comes in.
  • Knee-High Boot - The upper portion is closed in the front, back and sides, and covers the foot extending up to the knee or just below the knee.  Also, sometimes referred to as ‘hooker boots’ but we’ll just forget that one.
  • Lapel - An extension of the collar in a jacket that folds out.
  • LBD/Little Black Dress - As the name suggests, it's a short (and tight) black cocktail dress. The LBD has become a fashion must-have after being first introduced by Coco Chanel. Every season, designers try to come up with trendier and edgier versions of it.
  • Lining - The inner layer used to cover the inside of garment.
  • Lita boot - These are high-heeled ankle boots with a platform heel. Pronounced ‘litter’, not ‘liter'.
  • Mandarin Collar - A short, unfolded collar derived from the close fitting upright Asian collar.
  • Mary Jane - A ‘Mary Jane’ is a shoe very similar to a ‘pump’ with an additional strap running horizontally across the middle of the foot from one side to the other.  Side note: This isn’t the ‘Mary Jane’ you’ve heard some stoners talk about.
  • Moccasin - Moccasins are soft leather slipper shoes. They’re made of deer skin or any other soft leather. They’re sides are made of one piece of leather.
  • Monk - Monk shoes are moderately formal heel-less shoes. They’re closed by a buckle and a strap.
  • Monokini - A one-piece bathing suit worn by a woman (preferably).
  • Mermaid - The mermaid silhouette is a close fitting dress through the bodice, down through the hips and to about the mid or lower calf where the skirt flares out.  No, it doesn’t come with a fishtail. I was disappointed too.
  • Mid-Calf Boot - This boot is usually half way between the ankle and the knee.
  • Mule - It’s a shoe that is backless and usually closed-toed, but it can also be open-toed. Mules can be any heel height.
  • Mullet Dress/skirt - The word says it all. Just like the hairstyle, a dress or skirt is pretty much the same. ‘Business in the front, party at the back’ it’s short in the front and long at the back.

We hope you’ve learned some more in today’s class and we’ll be sure to update you with more words next week. Go on with your badly educated self, until next time. Tah!

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