Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Old Sport

Across the world, from catwalk to street to shop, sportswear’s aesthetic generates an attractive comfort. It’s much more practical and brings the idea of comfort, as a key aspect, to light. Sportswear is definitely starting to influence on a huge scale. Ask the likes of Fendi, Miu Miu or Stella McCartney – sportswear is a trendy genre that’s become more than just a uniform.

Fendi // Resort Collection 2014
This trend obviously comes with an added glam in the form of sequins, embellishments and prints. Great examples of this look would be the football jersey inspired dress with the number 61 (Tom Ford’s year of birth) that was on the Tom Ford runway for London FW. Queen Bee, BeyoncĂ©, rocked a similar dress for one of her shows on her Mrs. Carter tour. Another example would be this year’s Chanel Fall show that was set against a supermarket backdrop.  The models rocked sneakers, baggy sweatpants-like pants and oversized coats.

So much for sweatpants being a sign of defeat, Mr Lagerfeld.

Chanel // Fall/Winter 2014
It’s as if a new genre entered the fashion world. In the 80s, dressing in sports attire became a norm for us mere mortals. As fashions regurgitate, we’re introduced to trends from every era. The beauty of fashion, of course, is its continuous change. As trends return, slight alterations create an entirely new trend. 

This is something we see here; sportswear wasn’t usually seen as a must-have item. Today, however, influences from trainers, hoodies, sweatpants, caps and loose tees alike can easily be spotted in our very streets. To be quite frank, every second Cape Townian diva sports a pair of sneakers.

Gear up - sportswear is here to stay.

Tom Ford // Fall/Winter 2014

Reinaldo Irizarry @ Lookbook

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