Sunday, 3 August 2014

Oh.My.Word (N-S)

Yes, this one's a tad overdue, but trust that it was worth the wait. So today kids, we'll be enriching you with a bit more than last time. Without further a due, we give you... Oh.My.Word (N-S). Fashiongraphy, just became your favorite subject.

  • Natural Waist - A seam or waistband that secures or falls at the natural curve of the body, which I'm sure models can't get enough of, having no curves and all. They have faux curves. Yours are real. Let that be your comfort
  • Neats - These are those socks you see all the cool bloggers wear. With sandals. Enough said.
  • Notched collar - A notched collar is one you find on many formal jackets. It's a two piece collar that can be worn open. You know, for easy access.
  • Nonwovens - Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. They are usually abrasion resistant, absorbent, biodegradable etc...

  •  Off-the-shoulder neck - A neckline that lies gently hovering across the top of the bustling with the shoulders exposed or able to be seen through the sheer yoke of net or organza attached to a high collar.
  • Ombré - Something that is shaded or graduated in tone. the colour gradually changes of shade; from dark to light. Also that thing everyone is obsessed with doing with their hair.  
  • Organza -  A crisp, sheer, lightweight plain-weave fabric, with a medium to high yarn count, made of silk, rayon, nylon, or polyester. The fabric is mostly used in evening and wedding apparel for women. Or sheman. if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Overskirt -  A skirt worn over another skirt. We never would've guessed either.
  • Outrè- Something that is overdone, outlandish or exaggerated. Basically, Lady Gaga.

  • Paperbag waist - This is when designers cinch all the extra fabric of a garment across the midriff to create an edgy feel. Plus, it makes your waist appear smaller. 
  • Passè -  French for 'No longer in style'. Like leopard on leopard. Never really was in style anyway.
  • Peasant top - This is a romantic style, often characterized with a low neckline, ruffles, or free flowing material. Now we get where that whole maid outfit fantasy thing comes from.
  • Peek-a-boo -This comes in any part of a top or dress etc. that is open to show a little bit of. Avoid peek-a-boo bras though.
  • Petticoat - An underskirt usually a little shorter than outer clothing and often made with a ruffled, pleated, or lace edge.
  • Pieced - A look created by sewing several pieces of material together to form the garment, much like a quilt.
  • Pinafore - Originally used to protect dresses from dirt, it is worn as a sleeveless dress or over a blouse.
  • Prism Heel - A triangular heel of varying with and height.
  • Pump - A  shoe where the upper portion is closed at the back and sides of the foot, with a low cut that reveals most of the top of the foot.  A pump can be “open toe”, revealing the toes, or closed toe.
  • Push-up Jeans - Spandex in the jeans that helps to lift and shape your rear. Flat girls, this is your chance To be great.

  • Quarter - This is the section of a shoe that covers the heel.
  • Raglan Sleeve sleeve that begins at the neck and has a long, slanting seam line from the neck to the armhole, giving the garment a relatively undefined shoulder.
  • Re-embroidered - To outline a design (as on lace) with embroidery stitching.
  • Rhinestoned - To attach a colorless imitation stone of high luster made of glass, paste, or gem quartz. Kind of like bedazzling, do people still do that? No judgement.
  • Round Toe - A shoe where the front of upper portion is closed and has a rounded appearance when viewed from the top.
  • Sarong Skirt - A long cloth which is wrapped around the entire body.
  • Scoop Neck/Round Neck - A low, U shaped or round neckline.
  • Seesucker -  A thin, puckered, cotton fabric. Very popular in summer because it allows for air circulation because it stands away from the body.
  • Shawl Collar - A one-piece collar which is turned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front. Very popular with the guys around winter time and for tuxes.
  • Sheath  - A dress that features a figure-hugging silhouette with a defined waist without the help of a belt or waistband.
  • Shelf Bra - A bra built into a garment. Best thing since sliced bread.
  • Shirt Dress - This dress kind of has that feel of wearing your guy's shirt. Some of them are: a collar, a button front or cuffed sleeves.  Usually made up in crisp fabrics like cotton, the shirt dress often has a looser fit with waist definition given by a belt.
  • Skort - Shorts that have a front covering to resemble a skirt. Confuse the enemy.
  • Slingback - A shoe where the upper portion is open at the back of the foot, with a thin strap running around the back of the heel, that holds the shoe on the foot.
  • Spaghetti Strap - Straps on a dress or shirt that are very thin pieces of fabric, resembling “spaghetti”. These are so in right now (2014) ultra glam.
  • Split Neck - A round neckline that looks like it has been cut in the center to form a small “V.”
  • Spool Heel - This heel is wide at both ends, but narrower in the middle; resembles an hourglass shape when viewed from the back.
  • Square Neck - An open-yoke neckline shaped in the form of a half square. No, for real.
  • Square Toe - A shoe where the front of the upper portion is closed and has a squared appearance when viewed from the top.
  • Stacked Heel - A wooden heel in which the stacked horizontal layers of wood are visible; popular for spring and summer styles.
  • Standard Sole - A sole of minimal thickness; extends from the front end of the shoe to the heel and is of even thickness throughout.
  • Stiletto Heel - A heel that is long, narrow, 2″ and above with a diameter of no more than 0.4″ (1cm) where it reaches the ground; generally round or square shaped. Here's a picture, in case you never got the memo.

  • Straight Legs - Pant legs that are cut an equal width from the waste to ankle.
  • Sweetheart Neck - A graceful, open yoke, shaped like the top half of a heart. Very Disney.
We sure hope you feel like you could write a book right now. Thank you for reading kids, 'til next time. 

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