Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Event: Cotton On Christmas

The seasons start to change as the sun rises earlier each morning. The sun’s heat starts to simmer, and little by little, we greet a cold and long winter. Summer is almost here. Or so Cotton On proved loud and clear.

On the 26th September, I had the privilege to attend Cotton On’s Christmas preview, and believe me, there are a lot of nifty things to look forward to. The morning of the event, I woke up anxious, excited, and a little bit ill. But I was determined to get to the event and act like a boss – I am 18 after all.

The event started at 8 in the morning at the gorgeous V&A Waterfront. I repeat, 8 AM. With my wide-rimmed hat and Aldo heels, I was the first to arrive, at 10 to 8, at the #CottonOnGroupXmasPreview, which left me a bit awkward. With that said, the event was a ball! Think goodie bags, delicious croissants, coffee and fruit, a room full of fashionistas, and of course, clothes. 

Along with my trusty Nikon, I snapped what I could and indulged in the excitement of a new season. 

Firstly, all the ladies have some stunner swimwear and active wear to look forward to. My favorite was the high-waisted fern bikini. It’s a monochromatic-colored two-piece that will soon be a showpiece in my closet! Cotton On designed bikinis for the sportier type as well, in a beautiful sea foam color that’ll stay trendy all summer long.

The slip-on skate sneaker is a trend I’ve noticed across the world, and we need to adopt it! Along with this new arrival, Cotton On tapped into the more feminine side with a new range of heels and boy, they’re perf for a tropical seaside vacation.
My absolute favorite shirt was the Ramones crop top. It’s probably because I used to be a rock-goddess in my previous life. They have a huge, Rita Ora inspired dress range coming in, as well as the some awesome printed tees, shorts, caps – every girl needs to sport one – and towels for a bronzing sun-tanning session with them girls. Let’s not forget the boys though – you need to be on the look out for a palette of tribal prints, gradients of blue, and a huge variety of flat caps. And, since it’s a festive season, Typo introduced a wide variety of Christmas gifts for every shape and size! They’ve got you covered from your sister, to your great aunt you see once every few years.

Overall, I think Cotton On is not something to skip when venturing on a shopping trip. The event was tasteful, tasty, and surprising! At the end, we got to submit five “wishes” that we’d receive close to Christmas time, depending on if we’re naughty, or nice. All I’m saying is that the bikini screamed my name. Wink wink.

Yep this is mine, now look away.

OKAY, so the following are some of my favourite product images. take a look!

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