Thursday, 30 October 2014

Full skirts and Pretty Hands!

As a third post in this need-to-know series for SUMMER, I introduce Tea-lenght skirts. Along with midi-skirts, these are the ultimate lady-like addition. According to Glamour Magazine, it’s between a midi and maxi skirt, and when you pair it with a crop, it makes you look even taller (holler to all my petite ladies!).  It’s been a huge trend this year, and it keeps on going. You can grunge it up with boots, or keep it classy with lace and wedges. It’s a piece you’ll need to revamp your wardrobe for this coming summer.

 Michael Kors SS15

Midi-rings! This not so much a new trend as others, but it’s a trend all ladies need to adopt. The midi ring basically fits to the first half of your finger. And that’s it. Over-accessorizing with rings can really polish your look in a bohemian way – just be sure to avoid tackiness. Midi-rings are so in right now. Opt for simpler rings as midi-rings, like thin gold or silver bands. Keep the detail to a minimum. What’s more is that this trend goes great with the gold foil tattoo trend.

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