Friday, 24 October 2014

Trendy Tats

Ah, blissful sunny days are among us. As yet another season departs a new one arrives. And you know what that means. Ice cream, swimming, tanning, late nights…

Actually, I was thinking more around the lines of summer fashion, but those could work as well. The thing that keeps me going is the cyclic trend in fashion. Summer itself introduces an entirely new selection of clothing choices. But with so many choices and so many stores, where and what do you choose?

Don’t fret, for I am here - trend report, summer in South Africa.

Remember the days when you were considered the coolest kid on the street when you had temporary tattoos to show for it?  It was like a stamp of importance under a childlike anarchy. And today, this trend has regurgitated itself. Yes, temporary tattoos are back, trendier than ever. Have you ever heard of gold foil tattoos?

These tattoos are so trendy, it’s a must-have – excuse the intended cliché. Summer’s sunny days are en route, and these tattoos are the perfect addition to any beach babe’s outfit. There are wide varieties for any taste and style.  What’s more is that they’re temporary, so you can change it up from day to day. I am thoroughly content with the tattoos. It looks seriously cool. Oh, did I mention Queen Bey rocked the some time ago? Need I say more!

Sites like sell them. In SA, I got mine from Coco & G Swimwear. Anyway, happy tattooing!

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  1. Hi dear and thank you for asked me my friendship on IFB. I’m very happy and I accepted immediately! Congratulations for this post, but I'm really envious of in Italy is autumn and the leaves fall from the trees ..... there is summer!!!! Kisses,

    1. Hi hi! You have no idea how much I would like to come to Italy - it's a dream! I'm happy it's almost summer.. But it can get too hot at times. I hope you stay in touch and keep following the blog! x