Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Reasons to watch the #VictoriasSecretShow

It’s that time of year again – Summer holiday? Movember? – no. I’m talking Victoria’s Secret. The annual VS Show is underway and social media is oozing with excitement. You may think, so what, why do I want to watch a few poppies walk down the runway in skimpy outfits? Either you’ve never actually watched the show before or perhaps it’s just not up your alley. Fact is, it is a big thing, and I’ve listed five reasons why you should definitely watch it.

Reasons to be excited for #VictoriasSecretShow

1. They’re proudly South African! Candice Swanepoel is representing us on the catwalk as she struts her stuff in over-the-top lingerie. Get out your vuvuzela and root for your country. #patriotismistrendy

    2. From all the fashion shows I’ve gawked at, this one probably showcases the fittest models in the biz. In this annual show the models have earned stardom of their own due to actual personalities and you can actually see they work out. Most of them, like Adriana Lima and Ex-angel Miranda Kerr, promote healthy lifestyles. They actually eat, like, food.

 3. The show itself is something else. The time and money that goes into the setting of the show has the cost almost as much as the lingerie itself. The themes are always exciting as well as the coordinating outfits that go with it. Oh, and the outfits of course. They must spend hours and hours crafting each look and pair of “wings” to perfection.

4. It’s motivation! If you need some motivation on wanting to get fit, look no further. A minute of watching Victoria’s Secret and BAM! You’ll find yourself sweating it out at the gym or at hom

5. Guest performances. The likes of Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and more have performed in the past.  This year I’m hoping Lady Gaga or Iggy Azalea would make an appearance. It would make my night.

The show commences on the second of December in London, England. Keep on the look out for more updates.

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