Monday, 3 November 2014

Slaylie Jenner

For the longest time Kim Kardashian’s been known for being the most influential of the Kardashian/Jenner clan but it seems the bootylicious beauty is losing it all to Kylie. At only 17 the youngest Jenner sister is definitely the ambassador of cool. For years we’ve seen her but never really looked at her, but these days Kylizzle demands attention without having to say a single word. Armed with her string of Hollywood friends and a pair of what looks like bee-stung lips Kylie Jenner makes the rest of the world’s 17-year olds feel and look like second-rate teens, it’s no wonder she’s one of Time’s most influential teens. The list of reasons as to why Kylizzle is the coolest Hollywood teen go beyond her killer style and even deadlier pout.  

Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner took the road most travelled by the tall and skinny and became a model with numerous magazine covers and runway appearances. So with all f that going for her, you'd think Kendall has definitely got to be the crowd favourite, but she isn't.  Unlike many Hollywood teens, Kylie Jenner has managed to go from her awkward years to a style icon without a drastic personality transformation.

She’s mostly idolised for how ‘real’ she is despite the fact that there were rumours about just how ‘real’ her lips were. Kylie's a fearless heart with absolutely no tolerance for her haters. In fact, just last week she took to Twitter to complain about how bored she was with everyone's comments on her lips. 'Let's get our lives together guys and talk about some important shit' she tweeted.

One of Kylie's most memorable moments was when she was spotted rocking her blue hair at her sister Kim's wedding.The blue hair was an instant hit and soon became the must-have hairdo.What makes many aspire to her sense of style is the fact that she wears clothes that almost anyone has access to. She’s one of those very few celebrities who know how to dress themselves and do their own makeup which makes it easier for her fans to relate to her. 

Her business-orientated mind is definitely a quality to admire. She recently launched her own line of extensions and weaves called Kylie Hair Kouture which promises to do almost as well as Kim’s iPhone game if not better. Kylie is also the creative director of PacSun clothing linen along with her sister Kendall as well as several other endorsement deals. She has also co-written a book with Kendall callled 'Rebels; City of Indira' which is doing reasonably well. The young Jenner has also been rumored to be rather reluctant about appearing on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ for which she gets a whopping $5,000 per episode. 

Kylie’s Vines and Instagram account exude cool with her many celebrity teen friends such as Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Haley Baldwin and Jordyn Woods just to name a few.  She also boasts the occasional cameos of her celeb friends such as Chris Brown, Tyga and most recently, Drake. She also appears in Drake’s new music video with PND in their song titled ‘Recognize’.

As much as Kendall is still very much the most relevant Jenner sister, she has been criticized by many for not having a ‘cool personality’ like Kylie Jenner, which is not exactly far from the truth. So if we ever had to guess what colour Kylie's blood was, we'd definitely go for gold with a bit of sass. Many think that Kylizzle is just another entitled teen with nothing more to offer us but her flawless selfies, to this I quote Kylie and say 'Stop sippin' on that haterade'. She's the freshest thing since sliced bread and she's just getting started. 

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  1. Couldn't agree more, lovvvvvvvvvve Kylie Jenner so much, she oozes coolness! Great post x