Thursday, 13 November 2014

Yankees Rep

Fashion, it's everywhere. And today, it's a part of American sports culture. 

In the middle of my exams, internet was my biggest enemy. I came across a site called Fanatics, an American company that manufactures the coolest fan-related clothing. They really have a wide variety of cool pieces for your game-day outfit. As a South African, I had absolutely no idea who half the teams were, and just as much as we appreciate rugby, they have an entire sports culture of their own. 

This is the look I'd wear, if I'd attend a baseball game in America. I chose Yankees because I have a secret obsession with New york City. Red has always been a favourite, so this is why I chose it as a main colour scheme. Add a pair of boyfriend jeans, Dr Martens, a stunning top with a chunky sweater, and BAM. Good to go. I adore caps. All hats in particular. So of course, I'd pair it with a cap, that I'd probably turn around because, dats wut cool kidz do


So, if you're swinging by in America, Fanatics is your go-to source for all things fan-based. Oh and take a look at my Polyvore collection; red is my new black. 

Go to baseball hats for more!

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