Thursday, 27 November 2014

You know you're in a Girls' School if..

The things I became accustomed to from being in a Girls’ School.
• You dare not own a packet of gum. Especially during breaktime. AVOID ALL EYE CONTACT.
• You get cliques. Yes, it is like those horrible cliché American movies were they sit in circles during break.• In a conversation with friends you’re either Obama or the National Party in 1994 – especially when you make plans. It’s all about who has the most power over the mass. #careerchoices
• You learn how to skeef basic bitches out.• We used to have something called Vet maak Vrydag where we’d give thigh gaps the finger.
• When we wear civvies to school, it’s a massive fashion show and everyone turns into a model.
• More girls sit with their legs open than closed.
• You can say TAMPON without cringing. You’ve probably used the excuse of having your period during Life Orientation.• Just like Mean Girls, you’re prone to come across a few. Just let them be in their own natural habitat or you’ll get claws to the face.
• EVERYTHING IS A COMPETITION. Unless you just don’t care.
• If your friend gives you food, you’re bros for life.• You create bonds with girls that may just be your friends for life. SO CORNY but so true.

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