Tuesday, 9 December 2014

LOOK: Miss Mode

 Summer is crawling its way to the southern hemisphere. Each day starts earlier. The sun shines brighter. And in our fashion-friendly world, some fashions fade, making way for a new cycle to take its place.
Warmer days - aka summer - equal less clothing. That actually doesn’t mean less fashionable clothing. You can always look on point, even if that means layering is to be stored away for the next winter. I see summer as a chance to challenge oneself in fashion’s vices. It’s so easy to dress oneself in a tee and a short, and still be envied by all who look upon you. Sometimes a tee and a short isn’t enough, which is where accessories come in to spruce up your look.
So on to the look. I jockeyed final exams for three weeks. I finally completed this lifelong fear three weeks ago, and I still have nightmares. I have to admit that it wasn't so bad. It passed by so quickly, I’m not even sure I attended. But it’s something of the past and I’m ready to bid high school, adieu. I met up with Toni-Jayde, an aspiring photographer and Brittany Faber, make-up fundi. We shot looks with Cotton On, and afterwards, we shot look posts with yours truly. The weather wasn't on our side but we pushed through and tried to deliver.
the best part of the day was working with people who are just as enthusiastic about what they do. Also, I had to speak English most of the time - by the way, English is not my mother tongue. I sometimes get tongue-twisted so it's kind of a challenge for me. 
Crochet shorts: Topshop
Crop top: Forever New
Sunglasses: The Lot
Gold bracelet: Zuri SA 
For summer, you can't go amiss with accessories. For example, try adding some killer sunglasses, a bowler hat, midi-rings, bracelets, chokers and whatnot to your look. Guys, glasses can also be an addition to complete a look - even a flat cap or bowler hat – don’t be afraid to experiment. The biggest turn on has to be good hygiene, great posture and of course, an attractive cologne. With that, you’ll be good to go this summer.