Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Almost a week has passed since my last post. Not my style.

From now on, the posts will keep on coming until you've almost (but not completely) had enough of me.

So, recently, FASHION week in NY had top bloggers posting about the latest trends. I even did a little bit of much enjoyed research (this included watching FTV on the droopy couch).
I never thought neon colours would make its comeback so soon.
Yes, you did not double read / over read / misread or any other kind of faulty reading. Neon colours, or brightly enthusiastic colours, made its comeback on the runway this season, and it looks good.
Try looking up on Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Sophie Theallet or even DKNY. There are many more designers who have completed their looks on the runway with an influence of bright and bold. It came out to be successful and stunning. I am almost 100% positive that the streets of New York and London have already filled up on Neon figures. Exciting <3

But how about you?
Adding neon to your look doesn't mean overpowering your look. Neon is much like leopard print (Now hear me out!). Wear it in the RIGHT proportions.
I say this in the sense of : if you go all wacko neon on your look, you'll end up looking like a life jacket on land. No good.
Adding a few neon bits and pieces, here and there, to a quite sophisticated or outgoing look, could turn out to be complete and fun. OR, you could wear a main neon piece, with perhaps a bright flash of accessory, but the rest of your look should be toned down. MARK MY WORDS. <3

And what better way to brighten up your day, than wearing a striking colour of boldly flared beauty. Wearing dull colours in a dull season with dull weather would only make your mindset as dull as this sentence. And that only ruins a girls day. Stock up your closet with signature bright pieces for the next season, and be ready to colour the streets with your awesome style. BUT keep it fashionable. And stay confident :)

P.S. If you're going out on a shopping trip, look for things that you'd normally ignore, you may be surprised by what you find.

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STREET STYLE that I love  ...
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Vday to allll !
I hope you have a gorgeous day.

Forget diets, indulge in those guilty pleasures of yours.
Forget dullness, brighten up your day with a few flashing red roses.
... Forget boring clothes, go out wearing a bit more colour than usual.
Forget your everyday routine, do something different like baking cupcakes or write some poetry.

Be happy, be energetic.
Be the sexiest you, by rocking something red or soft pink, and enjoy your day.
Treat yourself and, most importantly, have fun.

Today is Valentine's Day. So enjoy it, with or without a certain someone special.

But be sure to stay Fashionable ♥

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Double Hair Knot

Hair trend alert!

I was going through the latest fashion trends of this year's fashion week (YEP - It;s fashion week people!) and I found a pretty good looking hairstyle that's been used in Fashion Shows for example Michael Kors.
Much like a bed head, the "Double Hair Knot" looks pretty simple, but messy and my favorite word, EDGY :D
This style appeals to me in various ways : It is comfortable an...d careless, it looks fun, it's an all rounder ( yes - wear it to wherever you feel like!) and hey, it's as easy as one two three! I've even done you the courtesy of googling a "How-to" website so that you can go check it out :)

webpage :

ps Try roughing it up a bit. In the step-by-step description, it turns out really neat.. If that's the look your looking for. Otherwise, you know what to do !
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lily's Closet

The last post of the Lily's Closet Range (sniff - tear). I took all three of my lovely models and did a collaborated shoot with them.
The dresses in the pictures, plus the skirt and top, are each available at Lily's Closet.
In some way or another, oblivious of the obvious pink color, the outfits fit together like a puzzle. I absolutely ADORE each individual piece!
To start of with : the floral skirt and loose fitted top compliment each other due to the plain detailed and the over detailed skirt. The pieces finish each other off in this way, making this outfit one to love.

The darkish pink dress is adorable. It makes me think of a preschool / private school / fashionably enhanced / pink encouraged girlie dress, to say the least.

And the lightly faded pink dress is very plain, but the shoulder pads are what makes it unique. It's stunningly plain features, successfully completes its goal to strike a gorgeous look. Hey, less is more.