Saturday, 27 October 2012

Something Sunnie could work

“Teashades”: either you love it, or you still haven't heard of it, because there's nothing about this accessory that's not to love.

I've seen these sunglasses everywhere. On the internet, on my friends, in magazines, everywhere! I went into a shop that sells these beauties, and I asked the lady what these were called? Well, apparently it’s called John Lennons. How cool would it be if sunglasses were named after you? Now that’s pretty insane. I’d love calling these sunglasses Lennons, yet he wasn’t the only icon to make these sunglasses famous. I’m talking about Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher, etc.

These round shaped beauties are extremely different from the usual big eyed sunglasses we all may own. And of course, it comes in different shapes, sizes, frames and colours. Even though it can differ, the style still comes through in each pair. It’s incredibly edgy (I think edgy is my favourite adjective) and it stands out from the rest of the sunglass family.

Since it’s a new season, with summer short at its feet, change can be good. In South Africa, summer means indulging in ice cream, crashing into the waves, being with a bunch of friends, and of course, tanning. Whilst doing these activities, rocking a pair of new sunnies may just be the cherry on top.

I think it’s quite obvious to realise what I’m trying to say: GET YOURSELF A PAIR.

You will love it for sure <3


Sunday, 21 October 2012

What She Wears

‘‘There is only one rule in fashion. If it makes you feel awesome, wear it.’’           @Olivia_de_Waal

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I've started a new project where I photograph different people that I think have a different and unique style. As my first post for What She Wears, I chose a girl that describes a neutral, care free style. Light hearted, not to mention light headed (literally) and a style that’s fashionable, comfortable, and creates a fresh atmosphere.

Ladies, and gentlemen, introducing Leonie Alice Cooper.

She can create looks that are edgy, rugged and dark, to sweet, soft and simple. She prefers neutral colours, from whites and silvers to greys (being her favorite colour) and blacks, with an occasional pop of colour. She has a pretty mellow vibe, and it comes through on these pictures.

More about Leonie..

Her favorite designer is the Lebanese wonder, a man who creates miracles, Elie Saab.  She actually spoke an oral about the man! She shops at all of those little boutiques that nobody knows of. She dreams of being similar to Gisele Bundchen, or an indie rock star  but when reality strikes, all she wants to become is the next top fashion designer, or fashion magazine editor. One day, she wants to live on a comfortable, vintage, French style home, with a bohemian edge, on a farm near the ocean, in a country like Italy. White tees are her absolute fave. And if she could be on a reality TV show, it would be Keeping up with the Kardashians. Why? Because family is the one thing that they always put first. 

And I'll be your memories..

White knotted tee - Country Road, Jean shorts - Jorge, Ear accessories - Accessorize
Rock and Roll, it feeds my soul.

White top - Mr. Price, boots - local china shop, Jewelry - Sass Diva, Jacket - YDE, Skirt - YDE
When you and I collide

Top - Zara, Jeans - Zara, Boots - China Shop
Green Phoenix
Shirt - Trenery, Tights - The Lot, Glasses - YDE, Ring - Sass Diva

Formal Wear

 Dress - Courage and Candy, Heels - Rage
Heels - Aldo, Dress - YDE, Earrings - Sass Diva
Here is her favorite song. Empire of the sun - We are the People.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Oh! You pretty things.

The best things in life are the unexpected – especially when they make great photos.

I shot the following pictures with Ashley de Lange as my model and Natasha Smit as my assistant, to create these crazy pictures. The objective was to shoot portrait shots. Dressed and styled in an upper-class manner, Ashley posed dramatically and outrageously whilst being thrown with different household materials from flying strawberries, streamers, a bag of flour and buckets of water. It was incredibly fun! 

I take photography as a subject at school, and our semester’s project was to photograph portrait shots, with film camera. I couldn't decide between two ideas, so I did both. I had too little film on my camera to take the amount of pictures I wanted to take, thus the digital camera came in handy, and voila!

I’d like to share these amazing images with you, as they classify with fashion as well as art. 

Top - YDE, High waisted Short - Forever New, Accessories - Sass Diva

Top - Forever New, Glasses - YDE, Accessories - Sass Diva,
Clutch - Forever New, Skirt - H&M

Top - Forever New, Pants - Woolworths, Accessories - Sass Diva, Belt - Mr Price, glasses - Forever New