Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What She Wears

Feminine, fun and diverse; the three words I chose to describe Carmen Crous. She is a girl that loves to do something more in terms of style. Earthy tones and neutrals, high snit shorts and buttoned shirts – this girl has a pretty amazing sense for fashion. She never tries to keep to one prominent type of style.

Some things you’d like to know about Carmen…

The shops that she adores the most are Lilly’s Closet, Metropolis, The Lot and Old Khaki. These shops are definitely first on her list when venturing on a shopping trip. She describes her style as something stretching from a softer, sweeter side to an edgier opposite. If she could star in a TV-series, it would be 90210 or Gossip Girl. And who’d disagree? Another choice would be to star opposite Stephen Amel in Arrow.  She had a hard time choosing her favourite song as there are too many. To narrow it down; she decided to go with White Doves from Young Empires. “It’s something I could listen to, over and over!”

Unfortunately, I only took shots of three outfits as it was for my school’s newspaper, but I have added a few pictures from Facebook so that the feeling of her atmosphere could come through a bit more clearly.

Pastels in Summertime

Young, wild and free

Hello Facebook. 

Gold Dust

Friday, 30 November 2012


For some, the end of the year is known as the time of snow, hot chocolate and lighting a fire for warmth – a white Christmas as the way to end ones year.

Well, on my part of the planet, it’s anything but cold.

Summer – the beach, sticky fruit ice creams, sunburnt skin, and the longest vacation of my year.

Of course, a new season brings numerous new trends to try.

Bowler hats, band tees, a variety of trendy shorts, chiffon dresses, sky high heels, all stars, beach hats, maxi dresses, oversized sunnies, crop tops, swimwear, etc. etc. Summer is surely a season to remember and to enjoy. With that, it's only one day left to the summer I've been longing for since March. 

This is my summer inspiration.

ALL IMAGES - www.weheartit.com

 TANS fade, yet memories last forever.

PS - If you dip dyed your hair recently, email me a picture pah-leeease, at monikieler@gmail.com

Friday, 23 November 2012

size up on shorts

Ombre Shorts.

This trend has been seen on the heads' of the fashion industry's biggest stars, stylists, trendsetters, etc.

Even a few of my friends decided to go ombre with their hair. 

Two toned, ombre, dip dyed, whatever you would like to call it...
Now seen on shorts. 

It's new, it's fab and it's ready to wear for SA's dreadfully amazing summer vacation.  

Okay, so just as the dip dye in hair, this garment adapted to this multi shaded trend, and it is just as versatile and DIY-able. If you don't like what you see in shops Do It Yourself! Grab a pair of your old worn out shorts, and dye away in the colour of your choice. Add a few rips and snags, and presto! you've got a pretty fun pair of pants in your possession. BUT if you do not have the time, and your planning on a trip to the shops, you might as well visit places like Cotton On, Mr Price, The Lot, Jay Jays, and wherever you can spot these fancy shorts. 

It's definitely unique in its own way and it's not like all the other shorts, obviously. So if you’re feeling the dip dye-ombre-two toned trend, why not take on these pants for size. Break away from the one toned jean shorties, and add a little gradient to you outfit. (Not that jean shorts or ugly. no. never.) 




Try it. It deserves a thumbs up! 


Chiffon Baby

Chiffon shorts, shirts and dresses – feminine, light and delicate.

It was a huge hit this winter, as it adds a delicate atmosphere to a look. 

So why not continue this lovely trend during the summer? 

Available and Courage and Candy <3 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Summer's got it going on

For the next few posts, Courage and Candy will be subtly stealing the shine, because hey, they've got new stock, and it's waiting just for you.

Firstly, for my female model, I paired a crop corset striped top with a high waisted ripped short. I added a black chiffon top, pairing it with some timeless aviators. For my male model, I went simple – blue grey jeans and a blue check top.

This semi-shoot was the first time I used a male model as well. The sun was shining high, the sugar levels was running low, and time was definitely not on my good side. Even with these factors, I’m more than happy with we've accomplished.

More importantly, Courage and Candy stocked up on new clothing! Is this all the more reason to pay them a visit? I think YES.