Monday, 28 January 2013

let's crop to the chase

Fashion has its own way of repeating itself – even if the game changes here and there. 

First of all, crop tops have become an essential. I’m 
not saying each and every lady owns a pair, but from what I saw this summer, it’s a trend that seems to stay in the wardrobe of a girl. Crop tops are available at most of the mainstream stores; it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. Recycling, or reusing, tees by cutting it into crop tops can also be fun. I did this with a few tees, sparing my allowance for other cool and nifty things to buy.

Of course, crop tops is not something to wear with just anything. Trashy is not the way to go.

A crop top can vary from lengths. It’s just a matter of how far you’d stretch your comfort zone by the amount of skin you’re willing to show off. A cut off tee, that shows minimal amount of skin, can be worn with any short or skirt. A crop that rises above the belly needs more attention. Pair it with a high waisted short or skirt. A plain short can be risky, but if you’re able to pull it off, why not. And then there’s the crop top that cuts off below the chest. This type of top can easily be associated with a bustier or a corset with the same length. It can be worn, as detail, under a loose or even see through top. It would look great with a high waisted maxi skirt. 

Though these are only key trends – the options are countless!

Comfort is key, so take care when trying this trend.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 has arrived

2013 – A new year to start over and to start something new. I’m finally back from a three week holiday that, unfortunately, excluded internet. It has been one of my favourite summer holidays to date. The blazing hot sun in my face, the icy cold sea water on my skin and the feeling of everlasting sand underneath my feet: the pure definition of summer.

Now it’s time to get back to business, the business of blogging and keeping you updated regularly, tastefully, and fashionably.  To start off with 2013, I posted a notification on my facebook page for any lovely fashionista out there who has decided to rock the ombre trend. With the response I got through photos, this post is basically all about you.

Firstly, we all know what ombre or dip dye is by this time - the tips of your hair to differentiate in a lighter or darker tone, or a completely different colour. Do it yourself, or book an appointment at the salon, whatever works for you. Here’s a little tip to make it look natural – blend it in. If you want the different layers of colour the stand out, try dyeing the tips in such a manner so that the difference can be seen from a mile away. It’s all about what you want! Unfortunately for me, school starts within two weeks or so, which means its back to one colour.

Just don’t wash your hair 3 hours later after the dye has been completed. I did this. And I regret doing this, as my purple tips washed out within a week. 

oh, and thanks to the lovely ladies who sent me some pictures <3 

Erica Basson - @ericabasson8

Margaret Christine Doronio Gomez
Lisa Dreyer -  @LisaDreyer2
Kaitlin Gene le Riche

Emma Reid 
Adele de Jongh

Andrea le Riche - @cocoleriche 
Inge Bianca Greyling
Mienke Ehlers 
Demi lee Hendrikse - @demihendrikse

Monique le Roux - @moniquelrouxff